Latin American & Caribbean Studies (LACs) is one of Lafayette College’s Interdisciplinary Programs.  The LACs minor and self-designed major enable students to explore the rich and diverse cultural, historical, and political dynamics of Latin America and the Caribbean and of Latinos in the United States.

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This interdisciplinary program enables students to study Latin America and the Caribbean from an array of different disciplines including history, religious studies, anthropology and sociology, music, Latin American literature, art, and engineering.

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LACS Resources

A comprehensive list of online resources related to Latin American and Caribbean studies.

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International Study

Through LACS-related programs abroad, students can study and complete internships in Argentina, Chile, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Mexico, and Panama.

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Fall 2016 Course Offerings

These courses can be taken towards the LACS minor or self-designed major.

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Program Chair, Latin American & Caribbean Studies
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