Latin American & Caribbean Studies (LACS) is one of Lafayette College’s Interdisciplinary Programs.

The LACs minor and self-designed major enable students to explore the rich and diverse cultural, historical, and political dynamics of Latin America and the Caribbean and of Latinos in the United States.

LACs Mission:

LACs fosters a learning community of people committed to the in-depth study of Latin America, the Caribbean and its diasporas. Rooted in a socially-committed multidisciplinary curriculum that examines power and its particularities, the program centers knowledge production and exchange with people from the region. We nourish an engaged understanding of the regions’ rich histories, diverse cultures, transnational connections, and how these shape contemporary developments in the Americas.


As a vibrant learning community that is committed to understanding the development and persistence of intersecting forms of power in the Americas, we are committed to

  • Building a world where many worlds fit
  • Challenging interlocking power hierarchies
  • Embracing solidarity across pluricultural, multi-lingual differences
  • Pursuing Decoloniality
  • Fostering Social justice

Contact Information

Jorge Torres

Associate Professor, Department of Music
Program Chair, Latin American & Caribbean Studies
237 Williams Center for the Arts
Lafayette College
Easton, PA 18042