LACS is one of the College’s interdisciplinary programs.  Students work closely with faculty from all four academic divisions and undertake the study of Latin America from an array of different disciplinary perspectives.


Leigh Miranda Campoamor

Visiting Assistant Professor of Anthropology
OCGE 304
(610) 330-5578

Nestor Armando Gil

Assistant Professor of Art
William Visual Arts Building

Brett Hendrickson

Assistant Professor of Religious Studies
Pardee Hall 325
(610) 330-5963

Susan Niles

Professor of Anthropology
Marquis Hall 37
(610) 330-5190

Rebekah Pite

Associate Professor of History
Ramer History House 301
(610) 330-5173

Daniel Quirós

Assistant Professor of Spanish
Pardee Hall 416
(610) 330-5257

Juan J. Rojo

Assistant Professor of Spanish
Pardee Hall 403

Karina Skvirsky

Assistant Professor of Art
Williams Center for the Arts
(610) 330-5826

Hannah Stewart-Gambino

Professor of Government & Law, Dean of the College
Scott Hall 200
(610) 330-5080

Jorge Torres

Associate Professor of Music
Williams Center for the Arts 237
(610) 330-5365

Clara Verónica Valdano Lopez

Assistant Professor of Spanish
423 Pardee Hall
(610) 330-5259

Brandon Van Dyck

Assistant Professor of Government and Law
Kirby Hall of Civil Rights-K105